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Greetings, good citizen.

 My name is Yan, I am a Product designer from Singapore. I love figuring out how things work, and creating memorable experiences for users; UX/UI is the artful combination of both. I studied and graduated in Business Admin (Marketing), but design has always been my passion. Having an understanding of both business and user goals give me a clearer sense of the bigger picture in design.

My goal is to benefit users by making interfaces easy to understand and enjoyable to use. This is why keeping an open mind and learning anything I can about the product, market and the lives of its users is very important to me. I believe each user is a person with a story to tell. Therefore qualitative and quantitative research are both equally critical in helping make and disprove assumptions that we make about each user’s journey. There are never-ending ways to make experiences better through iterative processes. This is why design to me will always be unfinished business.

Over the last 7 years I’ve have taken up various roles in design, research and training. Learning and collaborating with other creative people and problem solvers is what keeps me going!

Download my portfolio as a PDF DOCUMENT!



Here are some of the projects I've worked on in the past and enjoyed the most.

Canon EOS M

Art Direction / User Interface


Art Direction / User Interface

Samsung Masterpieces

Art Direction / User Interface

Sentosa Lens

Art Direction / User Interface

OCBC Premier Banking

My Abilities

I solve problems through the design of usable and elegant interfaces for mobile, tablet and web. I also write curriculum and conduct training in the field of graphic design and visual arts.
Below are a few of the things I do best.

UX Design

User Research

Training & Curriculum Development

Pretending to be busy

My Secret Weapons

I use whatever I need to get the job done (which means I'm completely open to try most softwares). I personally love the good ol' pencil-paper and other crafty things, but these are my favourite tools to use with screens.

  • Adobe CC
  • Marvel/Invision

  • Sketch
  • Zeplin

  • Softwares I’ll Learn


These people and places are amazing. They allow me the space to make my mistakes; learn from them and become better at what I do.

Contact Me

Let's make good design happen. Drop me an email and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • You will be safe here.


  • Write to me at


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  • My Contact Number is

    +65 9070 1468

I would invite you to my batcave, but I don’t have one yet.

- But call me anyway. -