C-Surf Be Truly Connected

Project Overview

C-Surf was something that a few friends and I worked on as submission for a challenge by GE. Team C-Surf consisted of JY(Electrical Engineer), Pan Chiuen (Physical Engineering Designer) and myself (UX Design). We began with a problem statement and persona, then designed a solution that was viable in both concept and physical product. This was completed within the span on 3 weeks.

C-Surf Site

Problem Statement

Most people take WiFi for granted and must be connected at all times, but too many people suffer from poor WiFi reception at home. Ranges of current routers are limited and signal strength is rarely spread evenly throughout the home.Solutions exist, but these tend to be ugly, clunky and need to be placed at inconvenient locations. Setting it up is a hassle; non-engineers have no idea how to do it themselves.



User Flow


Step 1:

Replace existing lightbulbs in key locations of your home with C-Surf bulbs. Then simply switch them on

Step 2: 

Download the C-Surf app from the App Store, ensure your mobile device is connected via your home WIFI. Scan QR code from each light bulb purchased to connect.

Step 3: 

Mount the C-Cover onto an existing switch to ensure bulbs are connected even if they are switched off. You may now watch cat videos in all rooms even with the lights off!

UI & Prototype

While JY and PC were working on the hardware aspects of the project, I worked on the website and app prototype to make the experience as seamless as possible for the user.

My key priority was to simplify the digital flow and create clear call to actions so there would be no ambiguity about what to do next. If a user’s mobile phone was connected via the home wifi, all they had to do was scan their bulb’s QR codes and the app would do the rest.

Try the Prototype



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