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About HOOQ

HOOQ is a gateway to a world of unlimited entertainment. With just one app, you can stream, download and enjoy thousands of movies and TV series. All from your phone, laptop or tablet.

So whether you want to watch the latest Bollywood blockbuster, relax with Hollywood’s latest rom-com, scare yourself senseless with the new Thai horror movie or catch up with your favorite TV series, HOOQ has you covered.

HOOQ gives you unlimited access to over 10,000 movies and TV series, and we’re growing everyday! Discover endless adventure, eternal drama and non-stop laughter at your fingertips. Join us and widen your world of entertainment.


A Day in my life

Design and Communicate

I helped redesign HOOQ’s mobile, tablet, web and TV interfaces together with a really awesome product team consisting of product managers, developers and designers. Communication is every bit as important as the actual design work in my role. With a small team, I’m involved in the design from conception to flow, to wireframes, to communication of the brand guide. I speak to key internal stakeholders about design concepts, make sure everyone is on the same page and iterate on flows as required.

I conduct and participate in design sprints that involve stakeholders from multiple areas of the company. Identifying problem statements, prioritising them according to importance and designing solutions to help solve them.

Represent the user

We work actively as a product team to foster a data-driven culture. By collecting and relying on information of how our users are actually using HOOQ, we are able to challenge hypotheses and put guess-work aside.

It is easy to forget that we’re design for actual people when our users are far away in other parts of Asia. Regular usability tests and interviews help build empathy for these users. I set objectives for each usability test, tasks and desired learning areas then work with partners who then help recruit remote users matching the target demographics. They help us determine the effectiveness of flows and where users are experiencing problems proceeding with key tasks.

I also plan for and moderate user interviews in-market for qualitative data. These usually include questions that are less related to flow and more related to understanding user habits inside and outside of the app, contexts and how features are used. This helps me understand whether proposed features actually benefit users.

Determine the best tools to use

Find appropriate solutions to help build on UI vocabulary, communicate brand and share designs to remote designers and developers. These include Zeplin, Invision, sketch, marvel and others.

My Work

I’m unfortunately not able to display some work online as it is currently development in progress. But please get in touch and I’d be happy to tell you more.


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