The Castille War Ministry of Education Brunei & Infinite Frameworks

An Overview

The Interactive Media Design Course is a training programme jointly designed by Infinite Frameworks (IFW) and GlobalSOF to equip Curriculum Developers from the Brunei Ministry of Education (MOE) with the creative and technical skills to redesign and redevelop traditional Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) teaching materials into content suitable for e-learning platforms.

The Interactive Learning Suite produced as a result of this programme includes a 3 minute animated short about the historic Castille War event produced by IFW and an interactive learning application to support the delivery of this content in classroom settings.

Scope of curriculum to be covered (Topic of Castille War) was provided by Ministry of Education Brunei.

My Role

Curriculum Development

Plan learning objectives and activities, create work files for each training session. Iterate curriculum according to specific content needs of trainees and pace of learning following conclusion of training programme.


Delivery of curriculum content to a group of 12 trainees, conduct learning activities and facilitate discussions on UX/UI design, prototyping and user testing. Aid trainees in converting their skillset from print design to digital graphic design.

Project Management

Manage timeline and design process of Castille War prototype to ensure final product meets the needs of teachers and students!


The Learning App

The team of 12 trainees worked very hard for about 2 months to produce a prototype learning app that seeks to meet the needs of teachers and students in a local setting. The app’s objective is to engage children 6 – 7 years old in learning about Brunei’s history and values. The main challenge for the Brunei’s education landscape was that of technological disparity and lack of localized learning resources. This is the first time learning resources are being developed by Brunei MOE from ground up; beginning from the users’ point of view.

The focus the training was on understanding the process of creating products that meets the needs of the target users. We focused heavily on prototyping, testing and generating dialog from key stakeholders (teachers, parents, students) on the kind of learning products they need.

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Key Features

  • Story Section
    Contains animated pages and a navigtion systems teachers can control.
  • Games and Quizzes
    Can be played individually or as a group during lessons to evaluate understanding of the content
  • Teacher’s Dashboard
    Contains learning resources and add-on materials such as printables and stickers for use by teachers.
  • Easy Reset
    Allows app to be quickly reset so that the same iPad can be shared between classes.

  • 12 Trainees From Brunei MOE
  • 40 Weeks of Training
  • 11 Modules on UX/UI/Animation
  • 12 Weeks to complete Prototype

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